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The main goal of Casa Loma Doors company is to provide customers with durable, high-quality doors, which will contribute to the general style of the house or office and will please the eye every day.

The door is the first thing that your guests or clients see when they approach your home or office. That is why it is very important to choose the item that will correspond to your style and emphasize your individual taste. The specialists of our company know that the door creates the very first impression and helps a person determine what to expect from the room, which it opens. Being a leading entry door company, we provide our clients only with stylish, unique and durable products.

Our main mission is to provide our customers not only with long-lasting, high-quality products, but also with affordable prices that will suit almost any budget.

Our company uses only the highest grade wood species in the production of entry doors, which are cut and dried according to the accepted standards per specified region. These type of wood ensure durability for all our products. Our front wood doors have great looks and will meet all your design needs.

Except for our custom entry wood doors, we also offer fiberglass and steel doors for our clients. All of our products can be decorated with wrought iron elements and refined stained glass. The range of glass designs will surprise even the most hard to please person. We offer large variety of panel designs in order to improve the look of the door and make it more elegant.

Our front wood doors are presented in a wide variety of styles to match the look of your entrance. At Casa Loma Doors & Art Glass we offer a great selection of accessories to make your entry-way look unique and eye-catching. You can check out all our products and offers if you visit our showrooms.

Entry doors that are produced at Casa Loma Doors & Art Glass company have several distinguishing features. They are completed with a factory seal and our own unique “R-S” system. Re-solidification processes take most of the stress off the wooden materials, ensuring the stability and durability of an entry door. The sealant materials that our specialists use during the sealing process provide the protection from UV rays and scratches. The costs of sealing and re-solidification are already included into the price of our products.

Casa Loma Doors company offers a great variety of grand entry doors that have outstanding design characteristics and are reliable in usage. All grand entry doors are handcrafted individually and are completed with reliable hardware and accessories. Customers of our company can choose from a wide range of accessories and glass designs to complete the decoration of their entrance. Our clients have an opportunity to create custom designed grand entry doors, which will create an elite statement and please the eye.

The specialists of our company also provide the installation of individually handcrafted arched entry doors that are produced from superior quality materials. Such products will never lose their elegant look and will serve you for years to come.

Casa Loma Doors & Art Glass carries a wide selection of single and double entry doors. Traditional single entry doors of our company are dependable in usage. We do our best to combine beautiful look with convenience. The single entry doors we offer are energy efficient, which ensures maximum comfort at your house during all seasons of the year. We can also provide you with durable double entry doors, which are the best solution for a larger homes entrance decoration.

In case you want to find out more about Casa Loma Doors & Art Glass products, feel free to call to our store and visit our showroom.



















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